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    Laboratory Study of Wave-Induced Pore Pressures Around the Pile
    LÜ Haojie, ZHOU Xianglian, WANG Jianhua
    2018, 52 (07):  757-763.  doi: 10.16183/j.cnki.jsjtu.2018.07.001
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    Based on the modified cylinder test equipment, the wave pressure is controlled by the loading device to simulate the response of the soil under wave loading. The effects of different wave periods, wave pressure, and soil relative density on the pore pressure around the pile are studied. The maximum amplitude of the pore pressure and the liquefaction of the seabed are analyzed. The results show that the smaller wave period, wave pressure and permeability make the maximum amplitude of pore water pressure attenuates more quickly. The pore pressure in the seabed soil near the pile bottom suddenly increases. The effect of wave period, wave pressure and permeability on the pore pressure is great.

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