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    Influence of COVID-19 on Manufacturing Industry and Corresponding Countermeasures from Supply Chain Perspective

    Cai, M., Luo, J.

    Prediction of COVID-19 Outbreak in China and Optimal Return Date for University Students Based on Propagation Dynamics

    Huang, G., Pan, Q., Zhao, S., Gao, Y., Gao, X.

    Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Turbofan Engine Using Hybrid Model Based on Autoencoder and Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory

    Song, Y., Shi, G., Chen, L., Huang, X., Xia, T.

    Hybrid Optimization Algorithm Based on Wolf Pack Search and Local Search for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem

    Dong, R., Wang, S., Wang, G., Wang, X.

    Research of Clinical Named Entity Recognition Based on Bi-LSTM-CRF

    Qin, Y., Zeng, Y.

    Preliminary Assessment of the COVID-19 Outbreak Using 3-Staged Model e-ISHR

    Li, S., Song, K., Yang, B., Gao, Y., Gao, X.

    Demand Analysis and Management Suggestion: Sharing Epidemiological Data Among Medical Institutions in Megacities for Epidemic Prevention and Control

    Cai, Q., Mi, Y., Chu, Z., Zheng, Y., Chen, F., Liu, Y.

    Numerical Simulation of Focused Wave and Its Uncertainty Analysis

    Bai, J., Ma, N., Gu, X.

    TDOA Passive Location Based on Cuckoo Search Algorithm

    Jiang, Y., Liu, M., Chen, T., Gao, L.

    Intelligent Costume Recommendation System Based on Expert System

    Mao, Q., Dong, A., Miao, Q., Pan, L.

    Logistic Regression Based Arc Fault Detection in Photovoltaic Systems Under Different Conditions

    Jia, F., Luo, L., Gao, S., Ye, J.

    Analysis of Thermal-Fluid-Structure Coupling and Resonance Forecast for Link Butterfly Valve Under Small Opening

    Li, S., Zhu, L., Wang, W., Xiao, K., Xu, X., Zhang, B.

    Implementation Details for the Phase Field Approaches to Fracture

    Shen, Y., Mollaali, M., Li, Y., Ma, W., Jiang, J.

    A Solution Processable Flexible Transparent Conductive Graphene/PEDOT: PSS Film Fabricated by Spin and Blade Coating

    Fang, X., Fan, Z., Gu, Y., Shi, J., Chen, M., Chen, X., Qiu, S., Zabihi, F., Eslamian, M., Chen, Q.

    Dynamic Responses of Cellular Metal-Filled Steel Beam-Column Joint Under Impact Loading

    Ding, K., Liu, J., Ren, J., Ma, W.

    CIRD-F: Spread and Influence of COVID-19 in China

    Zhou, L., Wu, K., Liu, H., Gao, Y., Gao, X.

    Information Extraction of Bionic Camera-Based Polarization Navigation Patterns Under Noisy Weather Conditions

    Ahsan, M., Cai, Y., Zhang, W.

    Software Reliability Growth Model Considering First-Step and Second-Step Fault Dependency

    Peng, R., Ma, X., Zhai, Q., Gao, K.

    Buckling Optimization of Composite Cylinders for Underwater Vehicle Applications Under Tsai-Wu Failure Criterion Constraint

    Shen, K., Pan, G.

    Catalytic Combustion of Lean Methane Assisted by Electric Field over Pd/Co3O4 Catalysts at Low Temperature

    Liu, K., Li, K., Xu, D., Lin, H., Guan, B., Chen, T., Huang, Z.

    Research on Dynamic Response Characteristics of 6MW Spar-Type Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

    Meng, L., He, Y., Zhou, T., Zhao, Y., Liu, Y.

    Adaptive Multi-Objective Optimization of Bionic Shoulder Joint Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

    Liu, K., Wu, Y., Ge, Z., Wang, Y., Xu, J., Lu, Y., Zhao, D.

    Simplified Markov Model for Reliability Analysis of Phased-Mission System Using States Merging Method

    Yan, H., Gao, L., Qi, L., Wan, P.

    Dynamic Behavior of Two Part Towing Cable System During Turning

    Gao, H., Wang, Z.

    Research of Adaptive Neighborhood Incremental Principal Component Analysis and Locality Preserving Projection Manifold Learning Algorithm

    Deng, S., Tang, L., Zhang, X.

    Damage Detection for Simply Supported Bridge with Bending Fuzzy Stiffness Consideration

    Zhou, Y., Di, S., Xiang, C., Wang, L.

    Robust Fuzzy Sampled-Data Control for Dynamic Positioning Ships

    Zheng, M., Zhou, Y., Yang, S.

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