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    TDOA Passive Location Based on Cuckoo Search Algorithm

    Jiang, Y., Liu, M., Chen, T., Gao, L.

    Stock market forecasting with financial micro-blog based on sentiment and time series analysis

    Wang, Y.

    Hybrid Optimization Algorithm Based on Wolf Pack Search and Local Search for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem

    Dong, R., Wang, S., Wang, G., Wang, X.

    Model testing for ship hydroelasticity: A review and future trends

    Jiao, J., Ren, H., Chen, C.

    Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Turbofan Engine Using Hybrid Model Based on Autoencoder and Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory

    Song, Y., Shi, G., Chen, L., Huang, X., Xia, T.

    Adaptive Sliding-Mode Tracking Control for an Uncertain Nonlinear SISO Servo System with a Disturbance Observer

    Yue, C., Chen, H., Qian, L., Kong, J.

    A Solution Processable Flexible Transparent Conductive Graphene/PEDOT: PSS Film Fabricated by Spin and Blade Coating

    Fang, X., Fan, Z., Gu, Y., Shi, J., Chen, M., Chen, X., Qiu, S., Zabihi, F., Eslamian, M., Chen, Q.

    Real-Time Fault Diagnosis for Gas Turbine Blade Based on Output-Hidden Feedback Elman Neural Network

    Zhuo, P., Zhu, Y., Wu, W., Shu, J., Xia, T.

    Research of Clinical Named Entity Recognition Based on Bi-LSTM-CRF

    Qin, Y., Zeng, Y.

    Understanding Spray Coating Process: Visual Observation of Impingement of Multiple Droplets on a Substrate

    Huang, J., Yuan, Z., Gao, S., Liao, J., Eslamian, M.

    Poisson noise removal based on nonlocal total variation with Euler’s elastica pre-processing

    Liu, H., Zhang, Z., Xiao, L., Wei, Z.

    Numerical analysis of the soil compaction degree under multi-location tamping

    Wang, W., Dou, J., Chen, J., Wang, J.

    Semi-supervised learning in large scale text categorization

    Xu, Z., Li, J., Liu, B., Bi, J., Li, R., Mao, R.

    Lattice-based group signature with verifier-local revocation

    Gao, W., Hu, Y., Zhang, Y., Wang, B.

    Research of Springing and Whipping Influence on Ultra-Large Containerships’ Fatigue Analysis

    Ren, H., Zhang, K., Li, H.

    Feature Selection, Deep Neural Network and Trend Prediction

    Fang, Y.

    Numerical Investigation of Ultrasonic Guided Wave Dynamics in Piezoelectric Composite Plates for Establishing Structural Self-Sensing

    Wang, J., Shen, Y.

    Enhancing the Efficiencies of Organic Photovoltaic and Organic Light-Emitting Diode Devices by Regular Nano-Wrinkle Patterns

    Ji, Q., Zhang, C., Qi, X., Li, R., Hu, X., Guo, L.J., Yang, T.

    Welded joint fatigue reliability analysis on bogie frame of high-speed electric multiple unit

    Li, Y., Qin, Q., Wang, Y., Hu, M.

    Geometric calibration algorithm of polarization camera using planar patterns

    Wang, Y., Hu, X., Lian, J., Zhang, L., He, X., Fan, C.

    Reliability Analysis of Aero-Engine Main Fuel System Based on GO Methodology

    Zhang, S., Ren, C., Wan, L., Yi, X., Dong, H.

    Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Element Bearing Using Multi-Scale Lempel-Ziv Complexity and Mahalanobis Distance Criterion

    Yu, K., Tan, J., Lin, T.

    A Discrete Bat Algorithm for Disassembly Sequence Planning

    Jiao, Q., Xu, D.

    Detecting Premature Ventricular Contraction in Children with Deep Learning

    Liu, Y., Huang, Y., Wang, J., Liu, L., Luo, J.

    Substructuring technique for dynamics analysis of flexible beams with large deformation

    Zhang, J., Rui, X., Liu, F., Zhou, Q., Gu, L.

    Fault diagnosis for wind turbine based on improved extreme learning machine

    Wu, B., Xi, L., Fan, S., Zhan, J.

    Robust Variational Bayesian Adaptive Cubature Kalman Filtering Algorithm for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Heavy-Tailed Noise

    Zhang, Z., Dong, P., Tuo, H., Liu, G., Jia, H.

    Dynamic Simulation Analysis of Humanoid Robot Walking System Based on ADAMS

    Zhang, B., Shao, C., Li, Y., Tan, H., Jiang, D.

    Semi-Active Predictive Control of Isolated Bridge Based on Magnetorheological Elastomer Bearing

    Li, R., Zhou, M., Wu, M., Tang, X.

    Reliability Modeling and Maintenance Policy Optimization for Deteriorating System Under Random Shock

    Lü, Y., Zhang, Y.

    Proxy Re-Encryption Based Multi-Factor Access Control for Ciphertext in Cloud

    Su, M., Wang, L., Fu, A., Yu, Y.

    Multi-Objective Optimization of Rail Pre-Grinding Profile in Straight Line for High Speed Railway

    Zeng, W., Qiu, W., Ren, T., Sun, W., Yang, Y.

    Hybrid Reliability Parameter Selection Method Based on Text Mining, Frequent Pattern Growth Algorithm and Fuzzy Bayesian Network

    Shuai, Y., Song, T., Wang, J., Zhan, W.

    Intelligent Costume Recommendation System Based on Expert System

    Mao, Q., Dong, A., Miao, Q., Pan, L.

    Thermal Transport in Nanoporous Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia by Molecular Dynamics Simulation

    Zhao, S., Shao, C., Zahiri, S., Zhao, C., Bao, H.

    Non-Linearity of the Mirror Constant for Glasses Fractured in Flexure

    Ma, L., Dugnani, R., Moulins, A.

    A real-time collision-free path planning of a rust removal robot using an improved neural network

    Sun, L.

    Target priority determination methods by interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets with unknown attribute weights

    Xu, G., Duan, X., Lü, H.

    Solving service selection problem based on a novel multi-objective artificial bees colony algorithm

    Huang, L., Zhang, B., Yuan, X., Zhang, C., Gao, Y.

    Adomian’s Method applied to solve ordinary and partial fractional differential equations

    Hao, L., Li, X., Liu, S., Jiang, W.

    Sliding mode robust fault-tolerant control for uncertain systems with time delay

    Yang, P., Ni, J., Pan, X., Guo, R.

    Compressive sensing reconstruction based on weighted directional total variation

    Min, L., Feng, C.

    Adaptive illumination normalization approach based on denoising technique for face recognition

    Lian, Z., Song, J., Li, Y.

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    Acknowledgement to authors From Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Science)
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