Call for Papers on Biomedical Device Design and Medical Image Processing (BDD&MIP)
  • Theme: Biomedical Device Design and Medical Image Processing (BDD&MIP)


    Advancements in biomedical devices and instruments as well as image processing have resulted in a plethora of new applications in diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic treatments. These applications offer the possibility of new surgical methods, drug delivery and improvement in clinical diagnosis while lessening the burden and workload placed on clinicians. Additionally, these emerging technologies may reduce complexity or lower cost and provide improved healthcare options to populations and regions where it is otherwise impractical.

    Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Science) (CN 31-1943/U, ISSN1007-1172), indexed in EI, Scopus, etc., sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and directed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, is a strictly peer-reviewed, academic journal. It focuses on interdisciplinary research in medicine-engineering, which is the intersection, fusion, and penetration of modern medicine and engineering that is the latest development of different disciplines. This year, it plans to publish a Special Issue devoted to Biomedical Device Design and Medical Image Processing (BDD&MIP). The goal of this special issue is (i) to provide a broad perspective of biomedical devices and medical images; (ii) to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration in this emerging research field; and (iii) to report the state-of-art development of these devices and algorithm with translational potential into the clinics. This special Issue broadens the understanding for members in the community of biomedical devices, provides detailed insight for system and algorithm implementation, and enables technology translation from biomedical engineering to life sciences.

    Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Science) publishes original research papers and review articles describing original biomedical devices and applications of algorithms for processing medical images which are solicited for this Special issue, covering a range of biomedical device design and medical image processing, including but not limited to:


    1. Research Related to Computer-Aided Diagnostics and Quantitative Image Analysis such as the Application of Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Diagnostic Decision Support

    2. Advancements in the Application of Image Processing and Deep Learning Within Imaging Including Detector Design, Optical Path Design, 3D Reconstruction, and Artificial Intelligence

    3. Image Reconstruction Algorithms for CT, MRI, OCT and Microscopy

    4. Bio-Nano-Micro Systems in Biomedical and Clinical Applications

    5. Image Processing as It Pertains to Surgical Planning, Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging

    6. Biomedical Application of All Imaging Modalities Furthering the Understanding Mechanisms of Disease and Physiology

    7. Surgical Robotics and Human-Robot Interfaces for Medical Treatment

    8. Telemedicine

    9. Modeling and Simulation Algorithms as well as Data Analysis


    Each article is required to have a normal length of 5000–6000 words, no more than 10000 words.

    Only English article will be considered for review and publication.


    Deadline for Submission of manuscript

    Jan. 30th, 2021

    Final Manuscript due

    Mar. 30th, 2021

    Online Publication

    May 30th, 2021


    Submission website:

    Reference template:

    Please indicate that the manuscript is for “BDD&MIP” and specify the research direction when submitting the manuscript.


    For any information, please contact the Guest Editors:

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