Guide for Authors

  • Publishing Ethics

    Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Science) is a single blind peer-reviewed journal. To maintain the academic integrity and standardize the publication process, we believe authors, reviewers, editors, and publishers must play their roles with high standards in publishing. The following statement is mainly based on the copyright law, publishing ethics, and other related items at home and abroad, combined with our actual situation.

    1.     Authors

    Authors promise that the manuscript submitted has not been published previously in any official publication, has not been submitted to another venue (conference journal, etc.) simultaneously. Previous works that have influenced the current manuscript should be cited.

    Authors must submit the copyright transfer agreement during the submission process to confirm that there is no confidential content.

    It is encouraged to share data and other materials within the scope of copyright permission and law. Authors are required to maintain the original records and experimental data involved in the submission of articles so that they can be retained for reference when necessary.

    Works involving humans and/or animals subjects must ensure their work has abided by institutional guidelines of the Ethics Committee and provide documentary evidence for ethical consent.

    When the manuscript is accepted, the authorship can not be changed in principle.

    2.     Editors

    Under the principle of fair and timely treatment, editors can make a decision to reject/accept the article based on the scientific quality of paper, reviewers comment, research innovation, and the scope of journal.

    Editors should ensure the transparency of academic research, and can withdraw/correct the manuscript at any time when necessary.

    Editors adhere to the principle of confidentiality, and strictly keep reviewer information confidential. Before the publishing, editors cannot disclose any information about the manuscript.

    Editors should as far as possible provide a detailed comment or rejection reason to the authors, and refuse to feedback the comment which contains offensive or defamatory sentences.

    Editors have the responsibility to assess the performance of the reviewer. If any suspicious behavior is found in the peer-review, editors should carefully handle this based on the facts.

    Editors should abide by the recusal principle when there is any conflict of interest with the article they are working on.

    3.     Reviewers

    Reviewers should give a detailed, constructive and impartial assessment of the scientific content of the manuscript timely.

    Reviewers should indicate whether the article is relevant, concise and clear, and assess its originality and scientific accuracy.

    Reviewers should ensure the confidentiality throughout the review process.

    If the reviewers find they are unable or unqualified to fulfil their reviewing duty, he should inform the editor without delay and drop out of the peer review process of the paper.

    Reviewers should promptly notify the editor if they find any financial or personal conflict of interest in the manuscript and refuse to review the manuscript.

    Reviewers should promptly notify the editor if they find any ethical issues or significant similarities between previously published articles.

    4.     Publisher

    Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Science) is sponsored by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The publisher takes all necessary steps to prevent academic and scientific misconduct, unethical behavior, and mistakes, both intended and unintended.

    The publisher cannot intervene in the decision-making power of editors.

    For the accepted manuscripts, if academic misconduct is found, the journal will reject them; For the published papers, if academic misconduct is found, the journal will retract the paper and report a retraction statement.

    5.     Copyright and License

    Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Science) is a subscribed journal. The authors grant Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Science) a license to publish their work worldwide in all media and formats and identify itself as the original publisher. In addition, authors grant the journal the right to edit and make technical modifications to their works as deemed necessary by the publisher for the purposes of publication in the journal.

    6.     Plagiarism check

    Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Science) employs a plagiarism detection system (iThenticate). By submitting your manuscript to Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Science), authors accept that the manuscript submitted may be screened for plagiarism against previously published works to prevent the academic misconduct such as plagiarism.

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