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Identification of Steady State and Transient State


YU Sheng (于生), LI Xiangshun (李向舜)   

  1. (School of Automation, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, China)
  2. (武汉理工大学 自动化学院,武汉 430070)
  • Accepted:2021-09-15 Online:2024-03-28 Published:2024-03-28

Abstract: Identification of steady state and transient state plays an important role in modeling, control, optimization, and fault detection of industrial processes. Many existing methods for state identification are not satisfactory in practical applications due to problems of ideal hypothesis, too many parameters, and poor robustness. In this paper, a novel state identification approach is proposed. The problem of state identification is transformed into finding the noise band of differential signal. For practical application, automatic selection of noise band amplitude is proposed to make the method convenient to be used. Problems of gross errors, low signal-to-noise ratio and online identification are considered. And comparison with other two methods shows that the proposed method has better identification performance. Simulations and experiments also prove the effectiveness and practicability of the proposed method.

Key words: state identification, steady state, transient state, noise band, differential signal

摘要: 稳态和瞬态识别在工业过程建模、控制、优化和故障检测中起着重要的作用。现有的许多状态识别方法存在假设理想、参数过多、鲁棒性差等问题,在实际应用中不能令人满意。本文提出了一种新的状态识别方法。将状态识别问题转化为求解差分信号噪声带。在实际应用中,提出了噪声带幅值的自动选择,使该方法易于使用。考虑了严重误差、低信噪比和在线识别等问题。并与其他两种方法进行了比较,结果表明该方法具有更好的识别性能。仿真和实验验证了该方法的有效性和实用性。

关键词: 状态识别,稳态,瞬态,噪声带,差分信号

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