Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University ›› 2020, Vol. 54 ›› Issue (9): 943-952.doi: 10.16183/j.cnki.jsjtu.2020.99.008

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Yaw Stability Control of Carrier-Based Aircraft Towbarless Tractor Carrier

QI Jiyan, JIN Jiaqi, FU Jingshun()   

  1. School of Mechanical Engineering, Shenyang University of Technology, Shenyang 110870, China
  • Received:2019-09-12 Online:2020-09-28 Published:2020-10-10
  • Contact: FU Jingshun


The yaw stability control of carried-based aircraft towbarless tractor is studied and analyzed. Considering the coupled roll-pitch-heave motion of the carrier, a time varying nonlinear dynamic model is established for the carrier-based aircraft towbarless tractor driven by in-wheel motors. The compensating moment needed for yaw stability control is obtained through the sliding mode controller and self-adaptive fuzzy proportion integration differentiation (PID)controller respectively. The yaw rate values of the ideal reference model can be followed. The two control methods are compared and verified by simulation using MATLAB/Simulink. The simulation results show that the yaw motion characteristics of the carrier-based aircraft towbarless tractor can be well reflected by the established dynamic model. Besides, the yaw rate of the tractor can be well controlled to follow an ideal reference model by the quasi sliding mode control. Moreover, the stability control of the tractor is achieved. Furthermore, the fast response time and the high robustness of system can be guaranteed under the sea state level 5 and below. The carrier-based aircraft towbarless tractor driving stability is effectively enhanced.

Key words: towbarless aircraft tractor on carrier, kinetic equation, stability, controller

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