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Effect of Moving Endwall on Hub Leakage Flow of Cantilevered Stator in a Linear Compressor Cascade

ZHENG Biaojie (郑标颉), MA Yuchen (马宇晨), TENG Jinfang∗ (滕金芳), JU Zhenzhou (居振州), ZHU Mingmin (朱铭敏)   

  1. (School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China)
  • Received:2021-02-19 Online:2022-11-28 Published:2022-10-13

Abstract: The cantilevered stator has the advantages of reducing mass and axial length of highly loaded compressor. The details of the hub leakage flow resulting from the clearance between the high-speed moving hub and the cantilevered stator hub are unclear. In this paper, the effect of a moving endwall on the hub leakage flow of a cantilevered stator in a linear compressor cascade was studied. After the simulation method was verified with the experimental results, the time-averaged results of unsteady Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes (URANS) were selected to study a case with a hub clearance of 2 mm. The results show that the effect of the moving endwall of the cantilevered cascade on the general characteristics with below 30% span increases the leakage mass flow rate and reduces the static pressure coefficient at three conditions of 0°, 6°, and -7° incidences, and the change is most significant at -7° incidence. The effect of the moving endwall on the total pressure loss coefficient varies with different operating conditions, which decreases by 15.94% at 0° incidence, and increases by 4.77% and 18.51% at 6° incidence and -7° incidence, respectively. The influence of the moving endwall is below 14% span at -7° incidence, below 23% span at 0° incidence, and below 30% span at 6° incidence. These effects correspond to the static pressure coefficient and the difference of static pressure coefficient representing the blade loading. In designing the cantilevered stator and matching between the stages of a multistage compressor, the quantitative research results of this paper have certain guiding significance.

Key words: compressor, cantilevered stator, moving endwall, aerodynamic performance, hub leakage flow

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