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Numerical Study on Effect of Suction Slot Geometric Parameters on Airflow Field in Compact Spinning


LIN Huiting1,2 (杨娜), WANG Jun1∗ (张淑霞), ZHANG Yongfa3 (白牡丹)   

  1. (1. College of Textiles, Donghua University, Shanghai 201600, China; 2. College of Textiles and Apparel, Quanzhou Normal University, Quanzhou 362000, Fujian, China; 3. Zhejiang Shuangdun Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo 315000, Zhejiang, China)
  2. (1.东华大学 纺织学院,上海201600;2. 泉州师范学院 纺织与服装学院,福建 泉州362000;3. 浙江双盾纺织科技有限公司,浙江 宁波 315000)
  • Accepted:2021-11-29 Online:2024-03-28 Published:2024-03-28

Abstract: The airflow field in the condensing zone is crucial as it affects the fiber condensing, additional twists, and consequently yarn properties. Parameters of spinning and suction slot geometric were found to be key factors influencing the airflow characteristics. To develop a better understanding of the complex airflow field within the pneumatic compact spinning system with lattice apron, a 3D numerical simulation model was built and the influence of negative pressure and geometric of suction slot was investigated. The results reveal that the accelerating air from the top of the suction slot generates transverse condensing force and downward pressure on the fiber strand. The inclination angle has a small effect on airflow velocity. The absolute z-velocity and x-velocity in the positive x-axis were both increased with increasing the slot width from 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm. An arc suction slot increased the absolute z-velocity and x-velocity compared with a linear one, thus benefiting fiber condensing. By decreasing the outlet negative pressure to −3 kPa, the airflow velocity increased significantly.

Key words: suction slot, airflow, compact spinning, simulation

摘要: 集聚区的气流场影响纤维的集聚和附加捻度,从而影响纱线的性能。纺纱参数和吸风槽几何参数是影响气流特性的关键因素。为了更好地理解带网格圈的气动紧密纺系统内部复杂的气流场,建立了三维数值模拟模型,研究了负压和吸风槽几何形状对系统内部复杂气流场的影响。结果表明,吸风槽顶部的加速气流对纤维束产生横向的集聚力和向下的压力。倾角对气流速度的影响较小。当槽宽从1.0 mm增加到1.5 mm时,正x轴的z、x向速度均增加。与线性吸风槽相比,弧形吸风槽增加了z、x向速度,有利于纤维集聚。通过降低出口负压至−3 kPa,气流速度显著增加。

关键词: 吸风槽,气流,紧密纺,模拟

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