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  1. (上海交通大学 材料科学与工程学院,上海 200240)
  • 接受日期:2022-05-21 出版日期:2024-01-24 发布日期:2024-01-24

Time-Resolved Imaging in Short-Wave Infrared Region

XU Yang (徐杨), LI Wanwan (李万万)   

  1. (School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China)
  • Accepted:2022-05-21 Online:2024-01-24 Published:2024-01-24

摘要: 相比于传统近红外一区(700~900nm)窗口,短波红外(900~1700nm)能够提供更深的组织穿透深度和更小的光散射干扰,在生物活体成像上具有巨大潜力。基于传统光谱域成像的局限性,时间分辨成像技术利用时间维度特性,能够完全消除生物体自发荧光,提供更高的信噪比和灵敏度。该成像技术不依赖于组织成分和组织厚度的差异,具有实际的体内定量检测价值。由于镧系上转换纳米材料具有长寿命、光化学性质稳定、形貌可控、易于表面改性而且荧光寿命调控手段多样的特点,当前相关的时间分辨成像技术几乎都是围绕镧系上转换纳米材料开展。本文以广泛使用的几种镧系离子发光中心作为切入点,系统地介绍了近些年来的短波红外时间分辨成像技术的研究进展。

关键词: 时间分辨成像, 短波红外, 荧光探针, 镧系离子

Abstract: Compared with the conventional first near-infrared (NIR-I, 700—900 nm) window, the short-wave infrared region (SWIR, 900—1 700 nm) possesses the merits of the increasing tissue penetration depths and the suppression of scattering background, leading to great potential for in vivo imaging. Based on the limitations of the common spectral domain, and the superiority of the time-dimension, time-resolved imaging eliminates the auto-fluorescence in the biological tissue, thus supporting higher signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivities. The imaging technique is not affected by the difference in tissue composition or thickness and has the practical value of quantitative in vivo detection. Almost all the relevant time-resolved imaging was carried out around lanthanide-doped upconversion nanomaterials, owing to the advantages of ultralong luminescence lifetime, excellent photostability, controllable morphology, easy surface modification and various strategies of regulating lifetime. Therefore, this review presents the research progress of SWIR time-resolved imaging technology based on nanomaterials doped with lanthanide ions as luminescence centers in recent years.