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计算机控制液压同步提升技术在“长江口二号” 古船整体打捞迁移工程中的应用
周东荣1,2(), 蒋哲2, 戴青2, 朱小东2, 刘雨2, 周怡和2, 王磊1
Application of Computer Controlled Hydraulic Synchronous Lifting Technology in Integral Salvage and Relocation Project of “Yangtze River Estuary II” Ancient Ship
ZHOU Dongrong1,2(), JIANG Zhe2, DAI Qing2, ZHU Xiaodong2, LIU Yu2, ZHOU Yihe2, WANG Lei1

图3. “奋力”轮中心月池与提升油缸

Fig.3. Moon pool and lifting cylinder of barge “Endeavor”