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上海交通大学学报(自然版) 2012, Vol. 46 Issue (02) :276-279    DOI:
自动化技术、计算机技术 最新目录 | 下期目录 | 过刊浏览 | 高级检索 << | >>
(高雄师范大学 教育学院,台湾 高雄 802)
Research and Development of Digital Forensics Platforms
 YANG  Zhong-Huang
(School of Education, Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan Kaohsiung 802)
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摘要 面对高科技的犯罪案件,取证人员已无法采用传统的方式采集完整的数字证据,须藉由取证工具的辅助以收集与分析数字证据,用科学的方法产生取证报告. 文中探讨计算机取证与手机取证的技术与工具,并自行设计与开发相关的取证雏型系统. 已开发完成的取证系统可以收集Windows/Linux计算机与Android手机数字证据,进行系统分析,且可尝试还原删除的信息并找出与案件相关的犯罪证据.
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关键词数字取证   计算机取证   手机取证   计算机犯罪   网络犯罪     
Abstract: Number of cyber crime increases dramatically these days and there are rapid progress on computer and smartphone systems, therefore, forensic investigators have been facing the difficulty of admissibility of digital evidence. To solve this problem, this paper
developed forensic techniques and tools to collect digital evidence for computer systems and Android mobile devices.
Forensics were carried out on both Windows and Linux systems to ensure judicial review of the evidence on the effectiveness of digital evidence with credibility.
Keywordsdigital forensics,   computer forensics,   mobile phone forensics,   computer crimes,   cyber crimes     
收稿日期: 2011-10-16;
杨中皇 . 数字取证平台技术的研发[J]. 上海交通大学学报(自然版), 2012,V46(02): 276-279
YANG Zhong-Huang . Research and Development of Digital Forensics Platforms[J]. J. Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.(Sci.) , 2012,V46(02): 276-279.
http://xuebao.sjtu.edu.cn/CN/      或     http://xuebao.sjtu.edu.cn/CN/Y2012/V46/I02/276
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